What is Global Discovery?

In 2003 an alliance of DMC’s covering large parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America was founded. What all the members have in common is that they all offer quality tourism related services to small and medium sized outbound tourism companies around the globe. This covers anything from FIT tours to scheduled departure groups tours and everything in between. They also all have an affinity with soft adventure and keeping sustainability and giving back to the community in mind.

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Why become a member?

All the members put together currently we cater for more than one hundred outbound tour operators from Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia. The idea behind the network is that together we are stronger and can help each other in different ways. Above all we help each other to grow by sharing clients and offering a one-stop-shop for any outbound tourism company when they are in search of a DMC in certain countries. Having worked with a Global Discovery member before the outbound tour operator knows what to expect from another member. The main reason why we are somewhat selective in adding new members. We want to be sure all members have similar goals and ideas running the company. To give brief overview what is it we offer our members:

Some of the Services:

  • Company page on Global Discovery.com
  • Destination or speciality page on Global Discovery.com
  • Sample tours on Global Discovery.com
  • Link to member website from Global Discovery.com
  • Option to publish press releases on Global Discovery.com
  • Mentioned on 3 tourism fairs
  • Active representation on 3 tourism fairs by GD staff
  • Access to table at 3 tourism fairs
  • Active Representation on yearly roadshow
  • Global Discovery brochure
  • Sales representation to potential clients
  • Active marketing of Global Discovery to potential clients
  • Destination mentioned in B2B marketing
  • Company mentioned in B2B marketing
  • Entry to yearly members meeting in London
  • Access to clients leads database
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How to? What is required?

To become a member and really enjoy the benefits of joining Global Discovery, you need to meet certain criteria:

  • Revenue between 1 up to 20 Million US Dollar
  • Being financially healthy
  • Your company has at least five office staff and at least one full time marketeer
  • You offer active tourism or soft adventure tours
  • You have your own website
  • You will join a program to get become a certified sustainable tour operator, if that is not the case yet
  • You sell both B2B and B2C (or have the intention to do so)
  • You have sustainability policies/certification in place (or have the intention to do so)
  • You have a (local criteria) tour operator liability insurance (or have the intention to get one)
  • You have B2B customers that can give a reference.
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When to become a member?

When you are interesed in joining the Global Discovery network it is as simple as contacting us. There will be an intake. This will either be over Skype or face to face during one of the tourism fairs we attend on a yearly basis. You can contact us here.