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Crew Tours is a very well-known name in Egyptian tourism. For decades we have been working with tour operators around the globe to visit the mother of all tourism destinations; Egypt.

Not only do we offer the great sights of Egypt (the pyramids, Valley of the Kings); we are also one of the few agents who ventured out into the desert and developed a great oasis program which can take our clients as far as the idyllic Siwa oasis, truly a haven of piece and tranquillity. If you would love to visit the Red Sea area we are also more than capable of helping you.

Whether it is Hurghada or the Sinai region, we are fully equipped to make your trip a memorable one.

We hope to be of assistance!

Good service is our mission; your satisfaction is our reward. It is our goal to combine a natural talent for making people comfortable with the necessary organisational skills to ensure the best journeys for every type of traveller. It is our business to find out exactly where your interests lie and use our expertise to ensure that your trip is everything you dream of.


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Please find below feedback from people that travelled with us:

This day will be saved as a special day for us thanks to you Crew Tours for this unforgettable outing, it was absolutely perfect day with all its small details starting from the Pyramids ending with the Moez street, you knew how draw smiles on our faces and save this day in our memories.

We felt safe and relaxed during the whole trip, and could visit everything on our wishlist.

We traveled around for 21 days. This tour was amazing! We have seen so many different things about the life in Egypt. About the old history and about the life now. Our guide Mohamed Bekhit was the best guide I ever had. He talks about historical facts with so much passion. He was always kind and helpfull. He takes good care of everyone in the group. Also the tour was very well arranged with different kind of transportation. We had private bus, we had jeeps in desert, feluka on the Nile, bikes in Siwa Oasis,…
All together this made it a great tour. We dont have to think about anything. We just feel save and relax during the whole tour.

CEO Crew Tours

Name: Mohamed Hussein

Nationality: Egyptian

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Crew Tours
73, Saqr Qureish Buildings
Sheraton Heliopolis,
Cairo, Egypt
Phone: (+202)-268-0226 / (+202)-2268-2168
Fax: +(202)-2268-0226
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