Financial Services

  • A strategy towards finance and an efficient and reliable financial administration are key to the overall performance of a company. Many aspects are involved, from budgeting, reporting, creditor management, risk management, cash flow management, all the way to the implementation of accounting procedures, processes and automation. Global Discovery has access to experienced (ex) CFO’s, who can help improve the overall financial performance of your business.Examples of possible services are:
    •    Reporting analyses and improvement
    •    Due diligence of the administrative organization and internal control systems
    •    Assistance with decision on accounting software
    •    Financial risk assessment
    •    Cash flow management improvementThese services are also available to non-member DMCs*. Are you interested? Send us a short mail to with your questions and requirements and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.
    *applies to DMCs who are not direct competitors of our members
    Reporting analyses and improvement
  • Assistance with decision on accounting software