Management Services

The management of DMCs is constantly changing because the travel industry is constantly changing. Adapting is key to success and company management is an ongoing effort to improve strategic planning, productivity and quality of service to its customers through improving the skills, happiness and ambitions of the company team and the adoption and integration of new ICT. Global Discovery has several experienced free-lance managers, who can help with this task, quite often providing a new outside perspective to resolve problems and improve business.
Examples of possible services are:
•    Due diligence preparation for mergers, take-over or share issues
•    Training (marketing, sales, accounting, data management systems etc.)
•    Assistance with decision on reservation system software
•    Assistance with key staff recruitment (GM, CEO, COO, CFO)
•    Screening and upgrade of business processes
•    Connecting key business process systems (CRS, CRM, Accounting software)

These services are also available to non-member DMCs*. Are you interested? Send us a short mail to with your questions and requirements and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.
*applies to DMCs who are not direct competitors of our members