Marketing & Sales Services

B2B Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Services
Customers are at the heart of every company. Finding them, making them happy, making them return to you and make them ambassadors for your company are all aspects of a solid marketing and sales organization. Global Discovery has several experienced free-lance marketing and sales managers that can help your company upgrade your performance in these key departments.
We offer:
B2B Marketing & Sales
•    Sales representation for some bigger European markets NL, DE, FR
•    Implementing program and training for B2B marketing
•    B2B Website evaluation, design and implementation
•    Company branding design & advice
•    Promotional material design from
•    Organizing Fair stands

B2C Marketing & Sales

•    Assistance with decision on CRM software
•    Sales trainings
•    Website evaluation, design and implementation
•    Online marketing setup & management
•    Company branding design & advice
•    Promotional material design
•    Setup of a B2C sales platform

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